Collaboration of Art Gallery

art_gallery_bensenvilleThe Collaboration of Art is an open and welcoming gallery. Our purpose is to develop connections and support creative discovery.  Showcasing various artists and styles with a unified theme, we provide a space of interest to the community in recognizing the power and influence of contemporary art.




We are proud to showcase the following artists:

Faustina Halinski  

 Faustina’s artistic flair is exemplified in everything she does. As an Art graduate from Dominican University, her style and creativity has flourished. She has had the pleasure to instruct all ages with several different types mediums. From painting with acrylic, oil, designing mosaics or even cupcake decorating! As an instructor onsite, she brings her brilliant smile and talent to share with everyone who has had the pleasure to create with her.








Tess Farris

 Tess’ love of sculpture was cultivated at Dominican University. Her 3 dimensional design is showcased in all of her work. Her use of colors and composition is truly magnified to a level of artistic appreciation.  -” I don’t suffer from insanity i enjoy every minute of it”.







Mary Kate Mann: I’m going to be attending grad school in 2015 to be an art therapist. I would love to show others the possibilities that art can provide for them. For the past 3 years I have had an emphasis on learning to use oil paints. I have also learned how to draw the human figure and have learned landscape drawings and paintings in Chicago, IL and Florence, Italy. I have an interest in sculpture and plan to explore that medium in the future as well. My interest recently is to create paintings that abstract reality to show others that what we see isn’t always as it seems.







Angelo Di Nunno:  Angelo has a BFA in oil painting from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. He experiments with self-analysis and the connection between internal and external expression. His representations vary from painting heavy realism to abstract steel sculptures. All entangled with his own philosophical values and ambiguous references to literature and art history.









Rod Pickett: Rod enjoys using different types of mounting elements such as metal. His photographs have a vibrant feel and captures all his subjects with passion and style.








Christa Chamberlin Chockley: Christa loves to work with Japanese paper with a multitude of colors and designs.

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Explore our studio today and let us know which artist catches your eye!