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We have some suggestions to keep in mind. Contact us for custom made shirts for men or custom designed dresses that make you look your very best! Picking out your wedding dress is an intimate experience. Don’t be in a hurry to buy them right away. Have a little fun trying them on, but do your homework too. Look in a couple of bridal magazines or online before even stepping foot into a store. Be mindful of trends changing from year to year. Wedding dresses take six to eight months to be delivered, so if you wait too long, you’ll be forced to pull from samples, which drastically limits your selection.

Don’t just stand there, have a seat. Try to sit, squat, do the “Dougie,” whatever you need to do to make sure you are nothing but comfortable on your wedding day. Be sure to take pictures of every angle of the dresses you try on, even the angles you find least flattering. Think that people will see glimpses of you at different angles. Be sure your dress flatters your front, back, sides, and every area in between.

But in the end, remember fit over fashion. And more importantly, it’s not about the labels. It’s about the love.


Tuxedos Chicago 

  • We also recommend for the men to schedule an appointment with “The Tuxperts”™ Give your Groom the opportunity to try on as many styles and colors as you’d like. Find out why over 95% of Brides and Grooms who schedule a Groom Try On with us fall in love and choose GQ Formalwear! Style, Selection, and Service like nowhere else, “Helping Guys’ Look Good For Decades, It’s What We Do.”


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