Entrances Johanna wedding

 We strive to make each event a dynamic and memorable one. When adding decor, select the proper details designed to convey the best ambiance for an amazing experience.There are various alternatives to decorate.

Rose petals sprinkled or placed in a designed pattern offer a pop of color, while aisle décor can add a little more style while you glide down the aisle. At the end of every row of seats, you may incorporate flowers, signs or bows.

Use an arbor or Chuppah to create a compelling point of interest for the ceremony. Having an arch or backdrop can put the finishing touches and frame the ceremony perfectly. Keep in mind, when doing an outdoor wedding, there are several things that can prohibit using items outdoors. Where is placed – on pavement or grass? Wind – is the area surrounded by trees or wide open? Electric – do you want lighting? Even though you see a beautiful picture on Pinterest was probably created for a photo shoot and under the best of conditions. Check with your planner, florist and event manager for guidance with the ceremony and what can be done.

No matter what your theme is or look, we design events to stand out!


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