The favors at your wedding/event determine your style and theme so they have to be perfect. We are here to assist you in putting all the details together. Contact us today to make your day complete.

Here are some popular choices:

soda PopPotted HerbsPersonalized Seed packsPersonalized GlassesPotted Plants





Bottles Soda Pop

Chocolate – in organza bags, truffles in boxes, candy bars wrapped with specialty labels, assorted candy in jars, bags or boxes
Popcorn with salt blends
Mini Wine Bottles or Liquor Bottles
Spice Blends
Personalized Flash Drive
Succulents, Mini Topiaries, Potted Herbs, Personalized Seed Packets
Tea or Coffee
Travel Tags
Donation to a Charity (with guest’s name)
Honey Jars or sticks, Jams or Jellies, Cookies, Mini Pies, Candy
Personalized bags, boxes or mini baskets with guest’s names – to be used for take home of a candy bar or popcorn bar
Candles, Oils – Essential oils, Body oil, Cooking oil
Keychains, Bottle Openers, Wine Stoppers
Lamp Shades for Glassware (with tealight), Personalized Glassware

Favors are usually handed over to guests when they leave the venue or are displayed on a table by the door. But, you can get creative in giving away favors by using them as centerpieces. Favor centerpieces help you bring down the costs considerably.

Here are some ideas:

Light Away – Use small candles as favor centerpieces. Have one big candle in the center and then surround the candle by several other small candles, which are not lighted. Tag each of the candles as ‘for you’. You can also personalize the candles by engraving guest’s names.

Veggie or Fruit Takeaway – Great taste and visual appeal of ripe fruits and vegetables makes them apt as favor centerpieces. Tomatoes, grapes or oranges are a slightly unusual idea but it works. Take a variety of vegetables or fruits and wrap in organza or place them in a decorative box, pot or miniature basket and lay them alternatively on the table.

Mini Bouquets – Give away small bouquets of fresh flowers. However, you can use silk or paper flowers for this as well. Place mini bouquets in glass vases and set in the center of tables as the centerpieces. Customize these mini bouquets with ribbons imprinted with the name of the guests. For an aromatic choice, use potted floral or herbs.

Want more suggestions? Stop in and see some of the favor options we provide or brainstorm together.

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