Do you suffer from a sore bottom or stiff back at an event? We add comfort for those delicate areas. Save your derriere!

Guests love cozy spaces to start a conversation or kick their feet up. Add unexpected space to any wedding or event with lounge furniture.


Lounge Setting


Seating areas can break up a room, offer open seating or create conversation areas. This allows guests to mingle and not just stay at their table. These settings can be tucked into corners of rooms and hallways as well as frame the dance floor to give people a quick spot to rest.

Give your wedding or event, a modern feel. Or maybe looking for a touch of retro? Lounge seating is eye catching conversation pieces with color and style. Lounges are not only pretty to look at, but are practical too!


Outdoor Lounge



Check out our link below and browse from several choices of furniture that you can enjoy at your next event. Remember: throw pillows are the perfect accent to add a pops of color!



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