How will your tables look?  Monte Bello Estate Test Shoot -18

  • Lace, patterns, and textures show off style. Instead of traditional solid linens, an embellished or unique fabric will bring instant dimension. Lace overlays, rosette textured linens, sequenced runners and patterned fabrics are all excellent ways to add that finishing touch.

Create a floor plan. This is usually done with your event manager or caterer. Your seating plan should make sense logistically. Some spaces appear larger than they are, while others can hold more tables than they appear to.
Centerpieces are often the most important decoration at a reception or event. The linens should serve as the perfect backdrop for them. Basic white linen is the optimal and cost effective choice. You can always accent tables with a sash or overlay to add a bit more flair without taking away from the centerpieces. There is a large variety of colors and textures to make your tables pop or be understated, which ever look you desire.

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