Charming, romantic or a little extra color?

With an unexpected color pop or texture of ribbon, lace or floral, these elements bring that special attention to detail. Tinted glass is a sure-fire way to catch your guest’s attention.

Contact us today, to create the table with the WOW!!!

     Blue Accents

Pink & Orange

In lieu of classic white 10″ plates, add a charger or unique dish will present a polished look. Incorporate a vintage gold-rimmed china plate, a modern metallic saucer, or a royal purple charger for an added burst of color. For an eclectic vibe collect an array of assorted styles and patterns on plates. Napkin rings add another special touch to each guests setting. You can use all different types of things such as floral, rhinestones, ribbon, twine, name tags and so much more.

Elegant: Gold Beaded Chargers

Don’t choose alone! We create amazing settings from glasses to linen and everything in between!

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