Are you searching the internet endlessly?Hitting the pavement?

Stop! Our planners have the connections to help you find the best venue. Save time and money with a FREE consultation!

Are you having a wedding, anniversary, birthday or a simple get together? We have been on location at many different venues. Contact us to select what space is right for you. Stop searching the internet or asking everyone you know where to go. We have done that for you and will help you decide what will fit perfectly for your event, no matter how large or small you need.

Shortly after a couple gets engaged, the next thing to choose is the date. Will it be indoors or outdoors? How many are you inviting? Will the ceremony and reception be in the same space? What will drive you to choose? Will budget restraints be the deciding factor?

Consider the logistics of the venue. Will the venue fit the season and time of day you want to have your wedding? Any special accommodations your guests might need – handicap accessibility?

Have a general guest count. If you have no idea of what size wedding you are going to have you will not be able to pick a venue confidently. Having a rough idea of your wedding will allow you to cross venues off your list while checking online, since almost every venue lists their facility size.

Make sure you ask to see pictures from the season you intend to get married. If the venue holds weddings in all seasons, make sure you to ask if there is heat and air conditioning, or if outdoors, a backup rain plan space.

What’s your style? Take into account what style wedding you want will help you choose the venues you need to visit. For a modern minimalist wedding, you stay clear of any country charm venues.

Make a list of all questions you have about a venue is important to you.

Important questions that you might not think to ask:

  • How many weddings are held here in one a day?
  • Who will be here helping me the actual day of the wedding?
  • Do you have any construction or landscape changes coming up before my wedding?
  • Do you anticipate any changes to the venue before the wedding day?

Just when you think you have asked enough questions, ask again and then of course get everything in writing!

We have the questions, so you can get the right answers you need for your venue.

We recommend:

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