Want to entertain at home? Do it the easy way.

Make a list and check it twice – having a list of items you will need from food to gifts is the easiest and best way to start off a party.

Cook ahead and freeze or keep in the refrigerator until needed. Don’t wait until the day of your party to do all the prep. One or two days ahead will make the day of your party become quick and simple.

Stock up on crackers, cookies, nuts, chips, etc. Having these items that long shelf lives will keep you prepared for that pop up party or unexpected company.

Keep drinks on hand from the non alcoholic to a few cocktail mixes. Vodka and rum are easy mixers along with soda, juice, sparkling sodas, coffee and tea are the basics that can wet any palette.

Having more people than your home would normally hold? Buffets are a great way to have people come and go into a room prepared with all the edible goodies.

Keep the home tidy. If you are working on a project, especially for the holidays, do it in a spare room, basement or area that you can shut the door and have guests see an explosion of items all over.

Music is great and if everyone has the same tastes go for it. If not, especially for the holidays, have music with no lyrics so people don’t have to fight to be heard.

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